Aprés la vie de Picasso, artwork by Florent Blache. Ink and acrylic on paper. 14 by 14 inches.

Aprés la vie de Picasso

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  • Aprés la vie de Picasso
  • Florent Blache (France)
  • Ink & acrylic on paper
  • Size: 14 x 14" artwork in 17" white window matting
  • Available to custom frame upon request

French artist Florent Blache uses acrylic and ink to deconstruct perception, focusing on the floating parts that make up the whole rather than the whole itself. His process is a deeply spiritual one. His delicate lines dance around each other, creating a portrait with movement and texture below the surface. Blache asks us to question our own reality, and in the process, maybe gain deeper appreciation for all that is impossible to perceive.