DAYDREAM: A Solo Show by Adam Handler

We had an amazing time celebrating one of the top contemporary artists today, Adam Handler. DAYDREAM, a 40 piece solo show by Handler, opened on October 16th with an incredible opening night event. 

In the words of the artist himself regarding his premier exhibition at Morton Contemporary : “The paintings presented will continue my exploration of childhood nostalgia and self-exploration as well as the evolution of my most beloved subjects - the ghost and the girl. My work has always teetered somewhere between sweetness and sadness, and the longing for yesterday or tomorrow. My placement of my subjects into otherworldly backgrounds only confirms the uncertainties we all face - like the unknown universe. At times the works will contain phrases such as “Miss you” or “Wanna” which allows the viewer a vague reference point for the meaning of the painting, but more importantly offers the viewer its own interpretation of the work based on one's own life experiences.
The UFO Abduction Series has always dealt with the concept of one being taken against one's will; being displaced away from the comforts of home. The UFO Ghost abduction paintings specifically explore the inevitable chapter of life in which all living things will ultimately succumb. This particular series provided an opportunity to delve into myself to explore being comfortable or accepting of this fate. Creating a friendly relationship between the hazy boundaries of life and death has been a cathartic experience, and lends to the works bright and non-threatening nature."