Pierre Gutierrez

Painting is like raw passion––it stops time and opens the heart to vulnerability.

––Pierre Gutierrez, Painter

Pierre Gutierrez works strictly in watercolor, creating soft and dreamy landscapes with depth of movement and color. His style is unique, born of graphic design and colorful impressionism. Subtle characters move through his landscapes in a fluid dance, inviting the viewer into the artist’s misty realm.

Originally from Oran, Algeria, Gutierrez began studying the arts in Marseille, France at the young age of twelve. This gorgeous Mediterranean beach town in Southern France, well-known for its richness in the arts, eventually came to inspire his watercolors. Gutierrez humorously recalls being reprimanded as a young school boy for stealing paints, forced to return them in tears and shame––he notes that this natural drive towards creation has never left him. Nothing in particular predestined him for watercolor, but after a career in advertising, he discovered the watercolors of Marius Pauzat and felt his life shift in purpose. At age 48, guided by sheer curiosity and passion, Gutierrez began to explore this technique through the lens of his formal training in graphic design, and quickly fell into the rhythm of a signature style. Drawing inspiration from the impressionist masters Claude Monet and William Turner, he listened to the call of the landscape, particularly urban and seascapes. Gutierrez seeks to reveal hidden parts of himself through his watercolors, and in the process, to create something universally beautiful. He now runs his own school, initiating students into his particular technique.

Gutierrez has been showing work at art fairs, exhibitions and competitions in the South of France for 20 years. His work is widely recognized and regularly exhibited in the cultural hubs of Aix-en-Provence, Cassis, Saint-Rémy de Provence and Uzès, but can be found in collections all over the globe.