"The very essence of creation is the emotion that we feel while painting. It is this emotion that I try to convey to the viewer of an artwork. A photograph of a suspended moment." – Pappay

    Born in 1985, Pappay is a French painter and sculptor whose works are exhibited internationally: Germany, Austria, United States, Singapore. After graduating from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, he moved to the South of France in 2008 and began several years of creative research and experimentation. The result is a unique graphic touch with a very urban style. He draws his inspiration from the chaos of cities and their architecture, as well as from graphic design and street art.

    Pappay has always been fascinated by the relationship between humanity and its environment. The scenes represented in his compositions are devoid of any human presence, where time is suspended, objects and buildings are witnesses of life and history ready to come to life before our eyes. Deeply rooted in urban art, Pappay shines in street art by regularly creating murals.