Fascinated by female faces, Agusil oriented himself from his beginnings towards portraiture. He brings his own touch to this already well-known style: colours and textures are more in the spotlight than ever. The faces he paints are inspired by both photographs and the women he meets. All powerfully coloured, he paints these portraits with brief and precise gestures. To achieve this result, he covers his canvases with oil and acrylic which he then works with a spatula or brush.

    The intense layers of colour contrast with the piercing sculpted eyes and lips, which reveal the full character of their figures. Laid in thick strokes, the painting creates unexpected reliefs and light effects. Agusil works from instinct, with quick and confident gestures and leaves plenty of room for unpredictability. Since the paint is applied with abundant movements and often mixed with water, the paint runs downwards, creating texture and unexpected lighting effects and in this way gravity and materiality dictate their laws.

    He wants to let his subconscious express itself in the spots that seem random at first but always end up embodying a brilliantly alive character. Agusil is highly influenced by contemporary artists such as the Chinese painter Kwangho Shin and Georg Baselitz and his work is based on “action painting”, which is a movement that emphasizes the physical performance of the painter.

    Today, Agusil continues his artistic research and his works evolve towards increasingly saturated colours and towards forms that feed on abstract experiments, without each losing his figuration.