woman with 3/4 profile view looking to the left with eyes and mouth open, skin made up of colors incuding blue purple pink yellow orange green and red in thick impasto paint, splattered blue hair and details of gold leaf on blue background with colors sprayed throughout bottom
Blue Jean Love

Blue Jean Love

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  • Blue Jean Love
  • Agusil (Spain)
  • Oil and gold leaf on linen
  • Size: 23.5" x 23.5"

Like many artists, Spanish artist Agusil starts with a sketch of a captivating female face. The texture of his pieces is, however, unique. The surfaces of his canvases are created by layering and sculpting oil and acrylic paint quickly and instinctually with a spatula and brushes. The dimensionality of his faces are made all the more magnetic by the expressions on his subjects' faces-- always mysterious and intense. Agusil's intuitive process is clearly visible in his paintings, giving them a sense of movement and dynamism that make it difficult to look away.